Food & Dairy Co., also celebrating 5 years of business operation this year, is a NSW MILKLAB distributor who has worked alongside MILKLAB from the very beginning. The team have been integral to the distribution of MILKLAB across Greater Sydney and have always been keen to lend us and their customers a hand, collaborating with industry insights. With a focus on trends and quality, we’re proud to have Food & Dairy Co. consider us among the best! We chatted with Brenton and the team at Food & Dairy Co. about their story and the changes they’ve experienced in the industry over the previous 5 years. Read about the journey below:

When did your business open?

Food and Dairy Co opened in December 2015

What is the mission of your business?

Food and Dairy Co strive to be more than just a distributor. In addition to efficiently providing a wide range of top products below market pricing, we want to be considered partners to our customers.

Supporting them in advice and guidance wherever possible.

How would your customers describe the service offered by your business?

‘Easy’ We understand the type of daily stresses our customers deal with and we want to ensure that we are making life easier for them in all aspects of our service.

What is the greatest achievement/s of the business?

Our greatest achievement has to be in how many customers have chosen FDCO to supply them with their key daily ingredients. In less than 5 years of operation we are serving over 1300 customers on a daily basis all over Australia.

The plant-based milk for coffee category has grown considerably over the past 5 years. What changes have had the biggest impact on your business?

Our business needs to be able to adapt quickly to the market demands. We do extensive research in market trends, particularly in plant based milk.

With regular trips overseas visiting leading brands and learning market trends we become best equipped and prepared to deal with whatever product is around the corner and pride ourselves on being ahead of the trends at all times.

Why do you range MILKLAB?

That’s easy….. it’s the best!