Three Pence Roasters is a beloved Sydney Roaster with a focus on providing environmentally sustainable, ethical and consistently exceptional coffee. Mark, Anthony and the team have been an integral part of MILKLAB’s collaboration with the coffee industry. Their vast coffee and industry knowledge helps to make MILKLAB’s products and services even better. They are also a key NSW distributor for MILKLAB, supplying our entire range to both- consumers and the industry. Read more about Three Pence Roaster’s story below and pop into their roastery for a delicious coffee next time you’re in Sydney!

When did your business open?

We began Three Pence Roasters back in Jan 2018, although we have been roasting since 2014

What is the mission of your business?

To produce consistently excellent, sustainable and ethical coffee, whilst supplying outstanding service and support for our customers.

How would your customers describe the service offered by your business?


What is the greatest achievement/s of the business?

Purchasing our 60kg IMF Roaster and reaching our goal (a year ago now) of roasting more than 1000 kgs of coffee per week.

The plant-based milk for coffee category has grown considerably over the past 5 years. What changes have had the biggest impact on your business?

Being able to offer plant based milks as a product line has helped to grow our customer base.

Why do you range MILKLAB?

Because it’s the best on the market.