MILKLAB Barista Social Clubs are held each month in iconic coffee venues across Australia. The events are designed to provide an opportunity for up-and-coming baristas to enhance their industry-related skills and knowledge in creative, social spaces – It’s one of the ways we’re continuing to build with baristas and foster grassroots!

We had a phenomenal time at MILKLAB’s second Barista Social club on Thursday, May 6, held at The Coffee Commune, in Brisbane.

At the event, MILKLAB Master Barista Danny Andrade presented a talk on coffee quality, which we live-streamed through Instagram. Danny is an Australian Roasting and Barista champion – his industry experience and expertise provided guests with a fantastic opportunity to learn more about factors affecting coffee quality, from field to cup.

Catch up by watching the full recording of the live stream below and stay tuned to MILKLAB Instagram and Facebook for details of upcoming MILKLAB Barista Social Club events in your area!