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Our Story

MILKLAB was established in 2015 as a foodservice-exclusive range of alternative milks, designed to provide the hospitality industry with a premium offer which would elevate the café coffee experience for their customers.

With a booming coffee industry across Australia the world and an increasing number of consumers looking to switch from regular dairy, we sought to develop a range-solution of milks which would suit a variety of tastes and dietary needs. Our range includes Almond, Oat, Soy, Macadamia, Coconut, Dairy and Lactose Free milks which all texture and stretch with high performance, provide a creamy mouthfeel and compliment the flavour of espresso coffee.

In our journey of developing each of the milks in our range we colLABorated extensively with the coffee industry. To this day colLABoration with the industry remains at the heart of what we do.

Our ColLABorators

MILKLAB has colLABorated with some of the world’s most influential baristas, café owners, food scientists, coffee roasters and other industry professionals.

A part of our colLABoration with the industry involves engaging baristas throughout the entire development process of our products. During this process, we sample our trial blends and present our ideas directly to baristas in workplaces all across Australia. We take on all feedback to ensure that we’re developing products that the industry wants to see and which improve the workflow, efficiency and product offering for the industry.

Thank you to all colLABorators who help shape MILKLAB to be Australia’s #1 foodservice-exclusive alternative milk for coffee range.

Master Baristas

MILKLAB Master Baristas are leading Australian coffee professionals who we partner more closely with.

MILKLAB Master Baristas are pioneers and innovators in the Australian coffee scene and our colLABoration with these baristas ensures that MILKLAB continues to grow, develop and improve our products and services.

Meet our MILKLAB Master Baristas below.

Profile Julian Mou

Julian Mou

Issac Ryan MILKLAB Master Baristas

Issac Ryan

Profile Danny Andrade

Danny Andrade

Andy Tseng MILKLAB Master Baristas

Andy Tseng

David Train MILKLAB Master Baristas

David Train

Alex Whigham MILKLAB Master Baristas

Alex Whigham

Jess Lambie MILKLAB Master Baristas

Jess Lambie

Christos Panas MILKLAB Master Baristas

Christos Panas