Rio coffee has been a proud MILKLAB distributor for the previous 5 years! They are an Australian owned roastery based in South Australia, providing premium roasted and blended specialty coffee and cafe essentials to the the public and the foodservice industry. We chatted with Emilia and the team at Rio Coffee about their story and the changes they’ve experienced in the industry over the previous 5 years. Read about the journey below:

When did your business open?

Fulvio Pagani started Rio Coffee in 1964 with a small 10kg roaster and a blue Volkswagen van.

What is the mission of your business?

At Rio Coffee we pride ourselves on offering premium coffee, food and beverage products to businesses and individuals who place a high value on quality and exclusivity.

How would your customers describe the service offered by your business?

We enjoy educating, supporting, and creating long term relationships with our customers.  This is what one customer had to say… “the service I received was excellent, the products they sell are of the highest quality, don’t buy online when you get this sought of service”- Brian

What is the greatest achievement/s of the business?

There have been so many great achievements over the years. I think the fact that we are still thriving after all this time is one of our greatest achievements. For the owner Fulvio, winning the “Hall of Fame” award at the Golden Bean was also a huge highlight. 

The plant-based milk for coffee category has grown considerably over the past 5 years. What changes have had the biggest impact on your business?

In the past 5 years a huge number of coffee roasteries have opened; meaning more competition! Although this has impacted our business to some degree, it comes with a growing coffee culture in Adelaide, which is great to see!

In terms of the desire amongst consumers to pair ‘plant based’ milk with coffee; we have had to make changes to ensure our roast isn’t too dark or acidic. We think we have hit the spot, as our coffee blends perfectly with the MILK LAB range and our customers tend to agree too!

Why do you range MILKLAB?

Quite simply…. it pairs perfectly with coffee, especially Rio Coffee! We love it and so do all of our customers!