MILKLAB wins best new product award

MILKLAB has been awarded for its barista milk range with a Fine Foods Australia Best New Foodservice Product Award.

The MILKLAB range of products, made especially for espresso based coffee, includes milks made from soy, almond, full cream and lactose-free dairy milk and are being heralded for their capacity to hold form under the wand.

The range also includes Australia’s first locally produced Coconut milk for coffee.

The Australian company gained national attention with its sneak-peak prelaunch tour of cafés around the country, earlier this year. It threw a launch party for its collaborators  in Sydney in mid September, and won the Fine Foods Best New Foodservice Product Award just days later.

To build momentum for its launch, MILKLAB enlisted the help of influential baristas, roasters and café owners.

“When we came up with the idea to service the speciality coffee market, we knew we had to go right to the source,” said MILKLAB Representative Angelo De Blasio. “Working with all of these influential players has been crucial to the development of our products.”

MILKLAB has worked with Percy’s Aeroplane Café’s Gem Fusca and Bean Drinking Andy Liu to develop its range.

As part of its appearance at Fine Foods, MILKLAB collaborated with ten specialty coffee roasters to develop a milk-based cold brew coffee product, designed for chilled consumption.

The roasters showcased their collaborations at Fine Foods Australia from 20 – 23 September.

From the October 2015 issue of BeanSene